• Tim White - sitar and Jack Gates - guitar

a CD of masterful improvisations

In their new album Tim White, on sitar, and Jack Gates, on guitar, continue the musical dialogue they started decades ago, as teenagers, drawing upon their combined backgrounds in blues, rock, jazz, flamenco, Brazilian, classical and experimental music, as well as many years study with North Indian classical master Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.
“This CD is a collection of five live improvisations. It is the two of us checking in with each other about what is happening in our respective musical journeys and sharing that interaction with you, the listener, allowing the music to flow as it may. We have chosen a combination of ragas as the starting point for each improvisation. From there the music unfolds in the moment, like a conversation.”

– Tim White & Jack Gates


“Amazing album. I am listening to track two and it is a masterpiece. Never heard music with that sound on a sitar!!! Bravo! Very elegant and classic. Thank you!”
Silvia Nakkach, 2015 Grammy Nomineee for In Love and Longing with David Darling; voxmundiproject.com
“Impromptu is a beautifully recorded, lush sounding, cinematic masterpiece showcasing the virtuosity of these two modern day masters. Bold playing, fresh and invigorating ideas, Impromptu is a musical travelogue through all that was Andalusia. This record makes the listener want to travel to wherever their musical journeys will take us in the future. One can only hope the train leaves again in 2016. 4 stars!”
George Cole, guitarist, vocalist, composer, lyricist, producer, arranger, music educator; georgecole.net
“I thoroughly enjoyed it -- two masters on those respective instruments with great longtime simpatico understanding of not only each other, but music in general. The music does what great improvisation is supposed to do, it holds the listener's interest because you never know where it is going next. But it also avoids the pitfalls of just rambling or doodling, and it actually goes somewhere. These two are very "in tune" with each other. There is very nice interplay between the two instruments. I like the way the music moves from light to dark, from slow to fast, with important moments of breath throughout.”
Randall Davis, Radio Promotion, Creative Service Company, Colorado Springs, Colorado; thecreativeservicecompany.com
“Wow! What a beautiful album. Thank you for your music, I’m listening to it non-stop! Please make more albums...”
Amy Maher, Ashland, Oregon


Recorded by Joe Paulino and Tim White at Studio “P”, Sausalito, CA
Mixed by Tim White, Mastered by Daryn Roven at The Raindrop, Oakland, CA
Cover art by Sharyl Gates, Design and layout Vicki Valentine - www.sfad.com
Produced by Tim White & Jack Gates with assistance from Joe Paulino
All compositions ©2015 by Tim White (BMI) & Jack Gates (BMI)
All compositions ℗ 2015 by WhiteGates Music (BMI)

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